Tiki Food Truck Gets Beautiful Look From Famous Artist

Barry Cohen owner of The Tiki Food Truck of Lake Worth Florida in beautiful Palm Beach County is proud to announce that he has contracted Keith Tucker the esteemed Tiki, cartoon and Marvel comic book artist to create the new Hawaiian Tiki themed artwork for his state of the art food truck that will be serving both Hawaiian and other fun food Items at local events, fairs and catered private parties. The artwork is amazing and is sure to attract many customers to the truck just to get a good look at how beautiful it is while in line purchasing the Tiki food trucks reasonably priced tasty food Items for themselves, family and friends. A hidden weatherproof sound system attached to the Tiki Food truck will do a great job of helping customers experience the Aloha Spirit at various types of events while listening to a choice of relaxing authentic Hawaiian music, reggae or stepped up surfing music from bands that include the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.

Follow where the Tiki Food Truck will be serving people at its latest event or location by checking out its Twitter, Facebook or Yelp page and please visit its website at http://www.tikifoodtruck.com

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