Why Food Trucks Are Wonderful Assets For Restaurants

The food truck revolution is steadily growing by leaps and bounds both in America and around the world! The three most important reasons for their success are mobility, simplicity and diversity!

Food trucks have the ability to pick and choose where to go in order to reach the target audience to test their menus in order to find out how their food is being accepted by the people in the areas where the food truck is operating. Some restaurants have negative
feelings about the increase in food trucks coming into the picture because they perceive them as unhealthy competition without knowing how very wrong they are to feel this way! All restaurants success is based on location, reasonable prices, excellent customer service and a quality menu with great tasting fresh food that is well portioned and looks attractive when plated for the customer. If a restaurant owner feels that food trucks are taking their business away they need to look back at their own operation to figure out why they feel this
way while keeping an open mind that a food truck could be an important marketing tool and the answer in discovering new ways to better their brick and mortar business while also bringing increased income in from their food truck!


The fact is that restaurant owners that embrace and build their own food trucks have a huge advantage over all others because they can use their food trucks to test market new food items in areas away from their restaurant’s location before they include it into their everyday menu while marketing both the food truck business and brick and mortar
restaurant to potential customers with information and discount coupons to make them aware and to increase customer traffic and income to both businesses. Restaurant owners can also use their food trucks to discover and verify that certain locations may qualify their business for a great second brick and mortar location.

Food truck mobility allows owners to fine tune their menus by testing various food products and dishes at different kinds of ethnic festivals and locations in order to get fast feedback from those that are purchasing from the truck. This feedback will come from talking to the people while they are eating from their truck and by asking customers to rate
their culinary experience on websites such as Yelp, Facebook and Twitter. I can assure you that when people rate their experiences on these websites they don’t hold back and they honestly say what they feel.

This is a great advantage to the food truck owners because they can then fine-tune their food products and prices to make any needed improvements or when necessary initiate replacement menu items that will be better accepted when purchased by their customers!

Simplicity & Diversity

Since food trucks are mobile and often changing locations they have the ability to implement quick changes to their food products and menu’s without people noticing and possibly complaining about menu item changes. In fact people actually accept diversity and change with food truck items. Food trucks that utilize digital message board menus and electronic scrolling signs can totally change their menu items, specials and prices in minutes allowing food truck owners to better adapt to the theme and feel to match any fair, event or location and to test a variety of different scenarios in order to fine tune into what the people in their service areas really want and enjoy eating. It’s a welcome fact that people tend to explore and adapt to menu changes on food trucks better then with recipe and menu changes in brick and mortar restaurants!

In Conclusion

It is our hope and desire that brick and mortar restaurant owners read this report with an open mind and a new understanding of how a food truck can become a great asset and marketing tool for their restaurant and future success by gaining the ability to reach out and market to potential customers in areas away from their restaurant’s location while being able to test new recipes and food items from their food truck before bringing them into main restaurant location(s) while also having the ability to scout out new brick and mortar locations for future growth. In the old days many brick and mortar restaurant owners started out by working in other restaurants for a number of years before going into business for themselves. It is a fact that food truck owners are now opening up successful brick and mortar restaurant locations after gaining their experience in food trucks while keeping an open mind and a sharp eye on what food items potential customers are enjoying the most!

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